Motor Control
& Protection

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control & protection

70 % ~120 % pull-in voltage Against voltage fluctuation More steady and reliable performance

pull-in voltage

The solution for various voltage fluctuation, guarantee the
steady operation of the system

With 70% - 120% pull-in voltage range, which can avoid the voltage
fluctuation in grid, also operates steadily
in the peak power demands.

More standard

Equipped with more standard auxiliary contacts, to meet several application requirements

Standard equipped with 1NO+1NC below 100A and 2NO+2NC above 100A, which can optimize the
inventory and cost performance.

User-friendly design

Ergonomically design, easy to handle and maintain

Integrated label cover, with double coil terminal blocks, which can fast be connected without tools.

Fine Current

Delicate current specification,
more cost-effective performance

Newly increase 6A, 16A, 22A, 38A, 75A,
which fully cover 6-630A.
6A -630A

The super
environmental resilience

Absolute adaptability, with steady and reliable operation in extreme conditions

-35°C/+70°operating temperature range. Meets several applications requirements
-35 °C
70 °C

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