Modular din
rail product

din rail product

10mA Earth leakage protection First prevent the danger More reliably on safety

Saving mounting space

Large current with small dimension, save the installation space

50A MCCB is only 18mm width, while 63A RCCB is only 36mm width.

indication window

Contact site indicating window, more clearly on the position

All products have the contact site indicating window, which can prevent wrong operation, and make the using more reliable.

Select round

More choice of specifications of the
residual operating current

6 specifications including 10mA, 30mA, 50mA,
75mA, 100mA and 300mA, for a wider choice
and more accurate protection.
10mA -300mA

Wealth of accessories

Complete accessories, multifunctional combination

More accessories selection to achieve customer needs, reduce customization and cost.

The super
environmental resilience

Absolute adaptability, with steady and reliable operation in extreme conditions

-35°C/+70°operating temperature range. Meets several applications requirements
-35 °C
70 °C

The All New Product