Air circuit breaker

Air circuit breaker

Real-time temperature sensor, Continuous function monitoring, More
accurate risk identification

temperature sensor

Built-in busbar temperature sensor, to control every aspect

-35°C/+70°C operating temperature range. Meets several applications requirements.

Fine Frame division

More detailed division of frame size, can fully cover various demands

With a frame size of 1600A, 2000A,3200A, 4000A, it provides a more cost-effective choice.

Man-machine Internet

With a USB port for better human-machine interaction

Connected with PC or mobile devices through the USB port, lets you manage functions such as data reading,
parameter setting, on-line detection and failure recording.

The super
environmental resilience

Absolute adaptability, with steady and reliable operation in extreme conditions

-35°C/+70°operating temperature range. Meets several applications requirements

The All New Product